Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Starry Night Ring

I created this ring to match the "Night of Stars" neckpiece. When I bought the Swarovski rivolis for the neckpiece I wasn't sure how many I would actually use in the final piece. I had an extra rivoli leftover and decided that a ring was a perfect addition. That's how the "Starry Night Ring" was born.

I recently found these ring blanks on Etsy. The shops is ChristianHaylie. I really like these ring blanks because they have a large pad to attach beadwork and they are adjustable. 


  1. It's a beautiful ring! I got to be your first follower :)

  2. Very pretty ring and the picture is fantastic also!

  3. Jodi!!! First, congrats on your blog. It's wonderful and definitely a place I will be visiting regularly. Second, this ring is GORGEOUS!! Jodi...I can't even handle how beautiful it is....I am in love...officially...your work is exceptional. Love it

  4. Lovely! I haven't done a ring before, but I'm wanting to. I have a perfect stone for it, but I'll have to figure out how to go about it!

  5. Hi Jodi, Welcome to the BLOG-o-sphere!
    The ring is just lovely ...and so stunning! I may have to show it to my honey! (Tomorrow's our wedding anniversary!!)

    I'll be book-marking your blog - definitely.


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