Friday, May 15, 2009

Creating New Memories

I'm hoping to get a little beading done this weekend, however, I have a much more pressing project to complete. My 8 year old daughter is becoming a Junior Girl Scout next week. I'm lucky enough to be one of leaders for her troop. I've been with this group of girls since they were in Kindergarten. I can't believe how much they have grown. It really does go quickly. We've done so many things together - craft projects, camping, field trips, picnics, and cooking. So many memories are part of each badge and patch on those Brownie vests.

So... this weekend I'll be sewing patches on Junior sashes and thinking about the new memories that we will make. 

Do you think they will mind if I add a few beads?


  1. Your 8yo will be the envy of all...Go bead away!

  2. Absolutely add a few beads, lol! I wish my girl scout sash had more pizazz when I was that age :-D It's wonderful that you are so involved - I still have fond memories of my mom's tenure as leader (except for when I gave her poison ivy during a camping trip...).

  3. I remember girl scouts! Yes, definitely add beads!


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