Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Visitor

This weekend, my husband discovered this little guy in our basement. The kids were THRILLED. I was NOT! He was little, only about 3 inches long. He's a ring neck snake. The kids were hoping to keep him as a pet. I firmly put my foot down.

I not afraid of most critters, except mice and snakes. Unfortunately, I've had way too many runs ins with both mice and snakes. I'm pretty sure we have a large black snake living in the basement. My rule is as long as I don't see him, he can stay because he keeps the mouse population down. A couple of months ago, I ventured to the basement to get some empty canning jars and discovered a 5 foot long snake skin. Again, the kids were THRILLED. I avoided heading to the basement unless it was absolutely necessary and I took one of the dogs with me. Yep, I'm a big wimp.

I have some felt that has a snake skin pattern printed on it. Maybe I'll bead a faux snake skin cuff. But that the closest I'm getting to any snakes.

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