Saturday, October 10, 2009

Perfect Autumn Day

Today was an incredible fall day here in the east. The trees were just gorgeous. Puffy clouds floating along the blue sky. I headed out the door with my camera to capture some of this glory. And then, I discovered the battery in my camera was dead.

So instead of a beautiful picture of this fall day, I'm sharing a picture of a pair of earrings that I just renewed in my Etsy shop. The gold and cranberry color reminded me of the some of trees on the hills this weekend.

These bold bead embroidered earrings are made with two square jasper beads and glass pearls. The jasper beads are surrounded by seed beads and cranberry colored pearls. The part of earring is made from gold colored glass pearls that are also surrounded by cranberry colored pearls. The top and bottom are connected by a tiger's eye bead. A very full fringe of seed beads and drop beads hang from the bottom.


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