Monday, October 26, 2009

Dreaming of an Escape

I've been dreaming of an escape. A trip where the ocean is clear blue, the sand is warm, and the temperature is a constant 85 degrees. I'm dreaming of an escape from the mountain of laundry, dishes, cleaning and sick children. Yes, the flu found its way to my house last week. Of course, it was not welcome, but it came anyways.

I recently finished this cuff and I know that it was inspired by my thoughts of escaping to an island paradise.

This bead embroidered cuff was created with three turquoise cabochons. The cabochons are surrounded by seed beads. The cuff is embellished with numerous pearls and Swarovski crystals in three colors (caribbean blue opal, pacific opal, and capri blue). The names of the crystals were inspiration enough. The cuff is one inch wide and is backed in black ultrasuede.

I admit that once it was finished, I did stare at it envisioning my favorite beach and hoping that I'll soon be visiting.

Are you dreaming of an escape? Where would you like to escape to when things become overwhelming?


  1. This is beautiful Jodi! and I'm hearing you about dreaming of an escape... where would i go... somewhere deserted and tropical... preferably on a beach... no phones, no tv and no people!... just my beads and a book! :-) a girl can dream, can't she! :-)

  2. When I was younger (and skinnier!) I worked as a singer on cruise ships. One of my favorite ports was the island of Dominica. It is lush and green with beautiful beaches and mountains covered in tropical rainforest. I would love to be sitting in a hot mineral pool at the Papillote Wilderness Retreat, relaxing after a short hike through the rainforest to climb Trafalgar Falls... Ahhh... a perfect get-away!!

  3. Triz and Cindy - I like the way you ladies think. I'm with you guys on those get aways! A girl can always dream, can't she.


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