Monday, November 23, 2009

Guess who came to dinner?

Well not dinner (although there were wine and hors d'oeuvres), actually the art bazaar I was participating in this last weekend.

Sherry Serafini, the bead embroidery master herself.

The previous weekend she had invited me to an artisan open house that she was doing. We spent a little time catching up and she wanted to know what I was up to so I invited her to the show. And like that she was there. Her support and encouragement meant the world to me.

If you've never seen her work, you can find her website here. If you have a chance to see her in person (either a class or art show), I highly recommend it. Her classes are great. She shares so much information and is genuinely interested in you. She encourages you to work outside your comfort zone to create something that truly comes from your heart. It is a great experience.
Additionally, she has some really incredibly cool new pieces in her collection. Her neckpieces and purses are show stoppers!

So Sherry, if you are out there. THANK YOU!


  1. How absolutely lovely. Support and encouragement are just so appreciated and nurturing. Sherry Serafini must be a class act! And certainly your lovely work is worthy.

  2. Fatastic!! It's so great to have such powerful support from Sherry Serafini! Congratulations Jodi! I love bead embroidery too. And it's so sad I cannot share with many people in the UK my bead passion. It looks like it's not very popular over here :( But it's good thing I have all of you to learn from you and admire all you work!

  3. Very cool, Sherry is like the rock star of bead embroidery!!

  4. Oh I'm sooo, soooo Jealous!!! :-) I would love to meet her and to attend one of her classes is one of my biggest dreams!!! How nice of her to come! by the way... would have loved to come to the art bazar and met you too :-) I love your work!!!

  5. That is wonderful! I've taken several classes from Sherry - she is the nicest person.


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