Sunday, July 5, 2009

On My Beading Mat

I thought I would share what I've got on my beading mat this weekend. I've started a new cuff with a southwest theme. The center is a turquoise stone. I've embellished the cuff with pearls, raku beads, pillow beads, seed beads, and more turquoise beads. I've finished beading the cuff and just need to attach it to the base and finish the backing.

I wasn't sure how much I would get done because the garden required a lot of attention. But it was a very productive weekend. The weather was perfect for gardening (not too hot with a nice breeze). The garden looks a lot better and I've got a cuff almost done. 


  1. So much talent! I'm a huge fan .. Your pieces are just marvelous.. Can't wait to take a peek at your garden..

    Enjoy the summer!

  2. Such a stunning piece!. I like that it is not completely symetric, but the design still flows so well



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