Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Okay, I know it's been more than a month since I posted here on my blog. Life has been a little crazy and I needed to get my family life in order. Well, not that it is ever really in order, but I needed to feel like I had some control over it.

My kids went back to school and it always takes us a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things. We've now got a few weeks under our belts and I think we all feel a bit more settled.

I have been beading in what little time I've had. I've actually got a number of new pieces to share. I've been trying some new techniques and want to share that too. I'm also preparing for some upcoming shows. I've had to spend time taking a lot of pictures, which is not my favorite thing to do.

Yesterday, I decided that it was time to start tackling my workspace. I actually should call it the dumping ground. I've taken over our dining room. This wasn't a big deal because we don't ever dine in there anyways. Unfortunately, I tend to just dump everything on the table. When it gets bad, I organize. Well, for the last month I have been dumping and dumping and dumping. I think my kids actually started putting their stuff on the table too.

So here it is. Not good. My mission - GET ORGANIZED. I'm good at organizing, but not good at keeping it up. So I'm sure that the dining room will look like this again at some point.

When I start new projects, there is a flurry of activity, then I get interrupted and the project is placed on the table. By the time I get back to it, I might have a new idea rolling around in my head and another new project is started. Again an interruption and another project is added to the mountain. It is a terrible cycle, but a reality for me and I suspect others.

Finally, I'm adding a picture of my constant companion. This is Argus. He's my shadow. While I was taking pictures of the table, he was right there at my feet. I'll talk about Argus more another day, but I will say this. He never adds anything to the table and he never complains about what it looks like. So I love him.


  1. Yep! I call this "clearing the decks" I have to do it regularly, otherwise I can't focus on the projects. I TRY to do it once a week, but usually end up doing it at the end of a project

  2. I also love to organize but am REALLY bad at staying that way. Joann has the right idea of trying to do it once a week. At the end of each project only works if you don't have several going at the same time. Typically, I wait until every surface is covered and you can't wade through the stuff on the floor - then it takes me days and days to re-organize. I have to admit, though, I love those organizing days because it's fun digging up hidden treasures! :)

  3. Joann - I wish I could do that. I've always got three or four projects going at once. I applaud your ability to keep it together.

    Cindy - I have to agree about finding those hidden treasures on cleaning day. Sometimes that treasure sparks a new idea. I have to admit that stuff doesn't tend to get to the floor. The two dogs do help to prevent that, but every surface is usually covered.


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