Monday, June 8, 2009

The First Pick

It was a good weekend. Beautiful weather and we picked the first strawberries out of our strawberry patch. We planted the patch three years ago. The first year, we had no strawberries. Last year we picked a enough to eat right from the patch plus some to make triple berry jam (strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry). The patch looks great this year. The plants have doubled in size from last year and we've got lots of green strawberries on the plants. 

As I took these pictures I was imaging a little beaded strawberry. I will add it to my notebook of ideas. I'm working on a project right now so it will have to wait. 

Oh, the reason for two (very similar) photos, both of my daughters wanted to have a photo of the strawberries they picked and they wanted me to post both pictures. So I did,


  1. Now, I'm hungry. Thanks Jodi! LOL...those look delightful and now I cannot wait for the little beaded strawberry!

  2. Those are beautiful :) Now I'm hungry!


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